Paris AttacksĀ 

When the Paris attacks happened on 13th November 2015, I felt personally victimised. I, being a Muslim, felt responsibility on my shoulders for the terrible actions that took place that day, and perhaps feelings of guilt that took their place in my mind. Why did I blame myself for what happened? Just because I share the same religion as those who were actually responsible? I couldn’t understand what was happening. I felt like people didn’t look at me the same way. I felt as if each person’s eyes were saying “Your religion is responsible for those deaths.” But is my religion really responsible? Where in the Holy Quran is there promotion of terrorism? Rather, the Holy Quran has the line “the one who kills an innocent person, it is as if he has killed all of humanity.” I wish people could see for themselves that it is not our religion that allows this at all, rather the corrupted minds of these individuals that distort religion in the worst possible way, and take the verses of the Quran out of context to justify their actions. These individuals do not deserve the honour of the title ‘Muslims.’ They are not Muslims, rather entirely the opposite. Pray with me. For peace and happiness of those affected by this incident including myself. May this world see hope and light once again. Ameen. 


The start

This is my first day on WordPress and I hope to have a good time writing here. I often write in my personal diary but I feel like I need an audience. Not an audience that personally knows me but just a general audience; it may give me motivation to write, knowing that there are people who can read it and have opinions on what I say, either positive or negative. Sometimes I just need to say things and people to share it with. I hope this is my platform of ‘sharing’. Thank you.